A KGB agent in the ranks of BELPOL?


A KGB agent who is a “gray cardinal”

We’ll continue the story of how Lukashenko’s enforcers tried to attack BYPOL. We will ask uncomfortable questions and find answers. Whose ears have heard about the BYPOL crisis? Who is the real shadow leader of the breakaway association of BYPOL siloviki and, moreover, of the KGB machinations, and who benefited from the attempt to blow up Lukashenko?

Let’s call him Mr. X. We deliberately keep secret all personal information about this man, first of all because we have no right to do operational work on the territory of a foreign country and have passed all necessary information to the Polish special services for further development. Secondly, we protect the personal data of the defendant, again within the framework of Polish law, but thirdly, to avoid self-judgment on the part of Belarusians, believe me, the evil will still be punished, but only within the framework of justice.

And let’s start, as always, from the beginning, on August 9, 2022, including on the initiative of BYPOL Svetlana Tihanovska creates a single transition cabinet of Belarus. It also included Alexander Azarov as a representative for the restoration of law and order. On the same day, a former high-ranking KGB officer, the same Mr. X, wrote to Azarov’s personal Telegram account.

He said he had resigned and traveled to Georgia with his family to get a Schengen visa, preferably a Polish one, and join the fight against the Lukashenko regime. He also said that he was a unique specialist in national security, operational and investigative activities and so on, but his fight in Belarus was ineffective, so he wanted to join democratic forces abroad. He referred to a well-known Belarusian journalist who could check him out. We talked to her and she confirmed Mr. I.S.’s identity and also mentioned that he helped the 2020 protest with instructions. However, this later turned out to be untrue, as did almost everything he reported about himself, but more on that later….

To see how events unfolded, check out our Youtube video….