Another election without a choice is held in Belarus


Soon another election without a choice will start in Belarus. How to look at all this through the prism of the Criminal Code? Those who lead it and involve others know very well what we are talking about. But we remind you:

The Election Commission plays a crucial role in the conduct of elections at all levels. They should be independent and subject only to the law!

However, in practice, unfortunately, this is not the case.

The overwhelming majority of decisions of election commissions, in the elections of the twentieth year, were made under the unprecedented pressure of Lukashenko’s vertical of power. There is a lot of evidence of this.

The rigging of voting results was systematic and was carried out both at the level of territorial and precinct commissions. Under the careful guidance of the CEC, the composition of precinct commissions, as a rule, was formed according to the following scheme:

Members of the commissions work at the same enterprise, institution, organization and their attitude is of a superior-subordinate nature. They are maximally loyal to the regime, fully controlled, manageable and ready to fulfill any order of the leadership. Chairmen were often appointed by an official of the organization, for example, the head of a workshop or the head of a department, the director or head teacher of a school.

Organizations of falsification

The main role in organizing the falsification of the voting results in Belarus is played by the vertical power structure. It looks as follows:

Lukashenko demands from the presidential administration, the Security Council, the head of the government and the head of the CEC to ensure his “victory” in the elections at any cost, including the use of illegal means and methods. The administration, the Security Council, the government and the CEC, taking into account their competence, bring this demand to the chairmen of the regional executive committee and Minsk city executive committee, heads of law enforcement agencies, trade unions and other public organizations controlled by the regime. They, in their turn, set a corresponding task to the heads of the grassroots, who bring the necessary indicators to the precinct election commissions.

In this video we will analyze all the elements of criminal activity related to elections in Belarus. What is the main responsibility for obstructing the exercise of electoral rights or the work of election commissions?

Justice in these criminal cases in New Belarus will be extremely important. First of all, in order to ensure the authenticity of the will of the people in the future. Because democracy and observance of the law, as practice shows, are the guarantee of normal development of society. Propaganda about our “special way” is just demagogy to justify the endless personal power of elderly usurpers.

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