Appeal to prison governors


Another political prisoner, Igor Lednik, is dead. This is already the fifth prison victim of the opponent of Lukashenka’s regime.

The situation in prisons in Belarus continues to remain uncontrolled. Human rights activists regularly report about guards’ arbitrariness and prisoners’ health problems, which are not addressed by anyone.

Our message today is addressed to the staff of prisons, temporary detention facilities, pre-trial detention centers and other places of detention and penal institutions. Your service is both dangerous and difficult. And you also know that it is very visible in the age of information. For most of your charges it is unforgettable, for some it is deadly. Thousands of people go through you, thousands of people come out maimed, some dead.

Are you even needed?

Of course. Unfortunately, people sometimes commit crimes. Mankind hasn’t figured out how to avoid it yet, and someone has to keep an eye on it. So that the punishment for these crimes is carried out within the law. Those three words are key: Within the law!

You have the power to affect the conditions of prisoners, political or not. You have a duty to enforce the law and to see that your subordinates do so. Just act within the law, nothing supernatural. You will definitely save lives, and maybe yours will be among them.

This video is a warning of the consequences. And a reminder of how important it is to act within the law when a person’s life depends on you.

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