Beware, fake! A fake account of the Personnel Reserve has appeared in Telegram!


Фэйк telegram

A fake account of the Personnel Reserve of Belarus appeared in Telegram messenger. It has the login

The Personnel Reserve warns that this account has nothing to do with the company. Follow only official sources of information of the Personnel Reserve!

The dummy account publishes inaccurate information that can mislead users.

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Call on users to be vigilant and not to give in to provocations. If you see a Personnel Reserve fake, please inform the channel’s admins.

The Personnel Reserve team has a Telegram account @PersonnelReserveBelarus, but they use it only to communicate with verified members of the Personnel Reserve.

The fake account has a link to a bot, but the Personnel Reserve never uses bots in Telegram.

How can you tell the difference between a fake account and a real one?

Here are some tips to help you distinguish a dummy account from a real one:

Check the number of followers. Counterfeit accounts usually have a small number of subscribers.
Examine the content of the account. Fake accounts often post inaccurate or provocative information.

Why is it important to be vigilant?

Fake accounts can be used to spread misinformation or gather information about users. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant and not be provoked.

The safety and privacy of members of the Personnel Pool is a top priority. Staff members make every effort to protect participants from fake information and provocations