BYPOL on the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall


Обложка статьи: BYPOL о теракте. На фото Crocus City Hall после пожара

The BYPOL team has its own opinion about the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall and we would like to share our thoughts on what happened.

Russian President Putin has already stated that there is a Ukrainian trace in the terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall in Krasnogorsk near Moscow.

Allegedly, the terrorists, who left Moscow 100 kilometers away from Moscow, were moving towards Ukraine. That’s a bold statement. Why not towards the Caucasus? Which would be much more logical to assume. However, going towards the Caucasus is not the trend today.

Those militants who were captured by the Russian special services look like complete village idiots. After all, they signed up for such a monstrous bloody operation for a mere 500,000 rubles. Sounds implausible.

BYPOL believes that the terrorist attack was an uncomplicated operation by the Russian security services, who don’t bother to follow any detective canons.

Bottom line:

Vladimir Putin has finally made the desired throw-in of information about Ukraine’s involvement in the terrorist attack. This was expected and is a sign for all Russian services and agencies to develop and encourage this version. Despite the fact that all the facts speak about the organization of the operation by the leaders of the Afghan cell of ISIS. Having made such a throw-in, the Kremlin is waiting for the reaction of the international community. Further actions of the Russian junta depend on it. Whether or not to develop the Ukrainian topic.

For RF it is interesting to get support and sympathy of the whole world before finally declaring Ukraine the culprit of what happened. After that there will be a noise about preventing financing of terrorists, then the most terrible revenge will be announced, and Russian soldiers at the front will get carte blanche to use any weapons on Ukrainian cities.

In general, it looks like a mid-level operation to cover up their future war crimes. A possible blow to Kiev, to Bankova, or even worse, to civilians in Western Ukraine. There is, however, a side effect. Many collateral casualties.

However, a terrorist attack in Russia may justify this cruelty in the eyes of the entire progressive world community.

We shall see further developments….

I express my deep condolences to all relatives and friends of the victims and victims of this tragedy. A. Azarau.

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