Did the enforcers cover for Valery Tsepkalo in 2020?


Рапорт о Цепкало

An interesting document from the times of the election campaign in Belarus has come into our possession. It says that a certain Minsk resident Prokhorov A.A. applied to the police so that the law enforcers would take measures against Valiery Tsepkalo, who was present at the protest action in Minsk on June 18, 2020. Video materials confirming this were also attached to the statement.

However, the report says that no corpus delicti of administrative offense was found in Tsepkalo’s actions, so the inspection was terminated.

This situation looks strange, because exactly on the same day, June 18, 2020, Viktor Babariko was detained along with his son Eduard. Residents of the capital reacted to this by lining up in a “human chain”, which stretched for about 5 kilometers along Independence Avenue.

And on May 29, 2020, Sergei Tikhanovsky was detained as a result of a very obvious provocation.

What prevented the law enforcers from detaining Valery Tsepkalo as a result of this denunciation?