Dmitry Bolkunets is an agent of the Kremlin?


Is Bolkunets an agent of the Kremlin? Let’s understand this question today together with BYPOL and consider all the facts and arguments.

4 years ago our country found itself in a whirlwind of events that will be analyzed for a long time. It is important not to repeat old mistakes and not to have illusions. It is important to finish what we started! Four years ago, we acted as citizens, as a nation. The majority of Belarusians were not interested in politics till the 20th year. Having lost confidence in the authorities, Belarusians discovered a lot of opposition resources, which repeated one thing: he must go!

He must go, in this we all agree. But a simple question: What awaits us next? How do those who oppose Lukashenko see our country and do they all take into account the national interests? Let’s get to the bottom of it.

The new BYPOL investigation is devoted to the activities of a well-known political scientist. Bolkunets’ name appeared in the media field in 2020. However, along with his support for the protests, the political scientist began to systematically promote Kremlin propaganda narratives and the idea of accelerating integration with Russia.

In our video, we talk about who Dmitry Bolkunets is and what ties him to the Russian Federation.

Watch the investigation on YouTube and voice your opinion in the comments, what do you think: Is Bolkunets a Kremlin agent or not?