Is BYPOL’s enemy your friend?


Today I want to talk to you: friends, allies, and enemies.

About the lies that are being told every day by shelves of bots maintained by Lukashenko and Putin. We are not touched by their lies, Bypol is too busy – we are working. Every day we contact people, and build underground cells all over the country.

Lies are spewed by the mouths of propagandists, and picked up, believed or doubted, by our allies and associates.

I am not offended when lies are told about me and our organization. But lies hinder our common and main cause – the liberation of Belarus.

We have provided data to audit our work – to prove that we are honest people and honestly do our hard work. It’s not that we have stolen millions, but the electric kettle in our office works only if you hold the lid! We save on everything for ourselves, but we gave all the equipment we had to train volunteers in Harugwah.

Are mistakes a verdict, and are they easy to admit? What do allies need to remember? What should enemies start doing now? Why does the regime fear BYPOL, and how to liberate Belarus? – all answers in the video.