Karpenkov is destroying the internal troops


Karpenkov makes changes to the training of Interior Ministry troops, what’s behind it? Is the new trend destroying the internal troops?

Обложка статьи: Карпенков разрушает внутренние войска. Карпенков на фоне войск МВД

At recent meetings, Lukashenka gave the law enforcers the go-ahead to reduce the number of hours of so-called “drill” in the troops. According to him, more time should be devoted to combat training and tactics of combat operations using drones and small mobile groups.

Major General Nikolai Karpenkov, commander of the internal troops, is promoting this idea. A little background. By his very nature, Karpenkov cannot understand what the Interior Ministry Troops are. He is a militiaman, not a military man, it is a different kind of activity.

Lack of understanding of the essence of military discipline and structure can lead to serious consequences for the army. Ignoring this factor can have a detrimental effect on the combat effectiveness of military units and cause their complete decomposition. For PMC “Wagner” it was impossible to manage otherwise than some kind of anarchy, only based on the fact that PMC fighters were often just bandits and mercenaries. Karpenkov, taking as a basis for such an approach, destroys the decades-old system of management in the internal troops and destroys the discipline, where each commander is on his own.

The Internal Troops have long been the most capable, advanced and strongest contingent among all branches of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus. The management system built up over many years by past commanders, such as Generals Yury Sivakov, Yury Zhadobin, Valery Haidukevich, Yury Karayev and Yury Nazarenko, was unusually effective. Now, thanks to the introduction of new trends, the system is starting to collapse from within and give cracks when trying to change the whole essence of management.

This introduction of PMC elements into the Interior Ministry’s Air Force will certainly destroy the established system.. Karpenkov, not realizing all this, naturally puts a “pig” to the Dictator. Of course, it is good and comfortable for him to rule in a system where there are no clear rules and iron discipline. However, out of his own comfort to rebuild the entire army into an analog of PMC Wagner is not even negligence. This is a crime.

After a while, the dictator may be told what the development of “Makhnovshchina” in the troops leads to. Where is Wagner now? What path have they taken? The answer is obvious. In time, the upstart general Karpenkov may pay for it.