Lukashenko issues passports to mercenaries of PMC Wagner?


Обложка статьи: Белорусский паспорт наемникам ЧВК Вагнер. На фото наёмник ЧВК вагнер

At the moment, there is no confirmed data on the issuance of Belarusian passports to Russian citizens – fighters of the Wagner group. However, according to the available information, such an option was considered. Moreover, the possibility of issuing Belarusian passports as cover documents was discussed, rather than granting Belarusian citizenship to the mercenaries of PMC Wagner.

The obvious advantage of this option is that such documents can be obtained by mercenaries in the shortest possible time without going through a lengthy procedure of obtaining citizenship.

Issuance of passports is carried out in this case by the Department for Operational and Investigative Activities (DOORD) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They have all the powers provided for by law to do so. As a rule, cover documents are issued for the work of agents or employees of operational services.

On this basis, in agreement with the dictator, some passports were ordered to be issued to Wagnerites who expressed their desire to do so.

It is impossible to distinguish such documents from real ones visually, as they are made at the same enterprise, where real Belarusian passports are produced.

At the same time, the Wagnerites are not in a hurry to get Belarusian documents, preferring money. Pay with passports for the services of PMCs, as suggested by Lukashenko’s regime, is not to everyone’s liking.

We will follow any information on the possible appearance of Belarusian passports for the mercenaries of PMC Wagner.

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