Lukashenko raises salaries of officials and law enforcers


Raising law enforcement salaries again?

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As it became known to the participants of the plan “Peramoga,” Lukashenka issued a decree “for official use. According to the document, from February 1, he again raises the salaries of civil servants and law enforcement officers by 15%.

It should be understood that payments depend not only on the position, but also on the class of civil service, special (military) rank, length of service, so they may differ for each individual civil servant and law enforcement officer.

To get an idea of how much they will be paid by Lukashenko’s criminal regime, here are the following figures:

Deputy Head of the Presidential Property Management Department, Deputy of the State Control Committee or the Prosecutor General (and organizations and institutions equal to them in status) – from 8,000 to 9,000 rubles per month;

Head of a department of an independent department – from Br5,000 to Br6,000 per month;

Head of a department of an independent division – from BYR 5,000 to BYR 6,000 per month;

Deputy Head of Department (independent division) – from BYR 4,200 to 4,800 per month;

Specialist – from Br2,400 to Br3,000 per month.

It is clear that he raises salaries to win the loyalty of those who help him retain power. And Lukashenko doesn’t care about ordinary workers and civil servants in other spheres of activity. But thanks to the participants of the plan “Peramoga”, we know where the money from the budget goes and what salaries Belarusian law enforcers and officials have.