Marina Adamovich detained in Belarus.


Марина Адамович

Maryna Adamovich, wife of politician and political prisoner Mikalai Statkevich, was detained by law enforcers in Belarus.

According to “Zerkalo”, in the morning law enforcers took Maryna Adamovich to Zavodskoy police department, from where she did not return home.

This is another indicator of the regime’s cynicism. Lukashenko will stop at nothing, he doesn’t care about women and children, family members and even distant relatives. His main task is to preserve power at any cost.

Marina is a heroic woman who has always supported her husband and defended her ideals. Therefore, what is being done to her now is not just a crime, but the quintessence of cruelty and vindictiveness of the regime, it is a spit in the face of humanity itself!

On January 23, mass detentions took place in Belarus. And Maryna Adamovich was one of the detainees. This is not the first detention, but last time Marina returned home the same day.

That day many people were subjected to repression by Lukashenka’s regime. Mostly former political prisoners and relatives of those convicted under “political” articles. Among the detainees is also 76-year-old activist Boris Khamaidu.

We must continue to fight for Belarus, for Belarusians and not stop until they are free from the bandits who call themselves “power”.