PERAMOGA Mobilization Plan


Preamble to the PERAMOGA Mobilization Plan

Мобилизационный план «ПЕРАМОГА»

Taking into account that human rights in Belarus are no longer protected by the rule of law and in order to prevent people from having to resort to rebellion as a last resort, the SITUATION ANALYTICAL CENTER, the creation of which was supported by SVETLANA TIKHANOVSKAYA, announces the preparation of a mobilization plan “PERAMOGA”!

In order to ensure the rule of law, establish law and order in Belarus, peaceful popular protest is acquiring an organizational structure. The current protest tactics, unfortunately, did not bring the desired results, so we are changing tactics.

“PERAMOGA” is called to unite Belarusians with different political views and different professions. The main and decisive goal of the plan is to restore law and order in our country through an organized and peaceful transfer of power to the people. Besides, our goal is to protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus.

The means to achieve these goals will be the realization of the Strategic Operation to ensure law and order.

We are reliably informed that the General Staff of the Armed Forces has developed a plan under which the army is tasked with suppressing peaceful rallies and demonstrations on the territory of Belarus. Thus, instead of ensuring military security of the state, the General Staff is preparing to protect the dictator who lost the elections from the Belarusian people. We are sure that the servicemen of the Armed Forces are faithful to their oath and are ready to defend their people only from external threats.

The internal threat is the current government, which is trying to hold on by any means. We are convinced that servicemen will directly participate in the defense of the people and their national interests in order to ensure national security. Recall that since the fall of 2020, the concept of national security of Belarus in terms of the balance of interests between society and the state has been grossly violated. Thus, the action of the illegitimate authorities jeopardizes the existence of Belarus.

The main principle of the PERAMOGA plan is anonymity: we realize how important it is in the conditions of severe political repression. To join the plan, all you have to do is to register in a chat-bot and fill in a small questionnaire. This will be enough for us to know that you share our views and are ready to take certain actions to achieve a common goal for all Belarusians.

The formation of the PERAMOGA membership structure will be conducted in an open and public manner, while information about those who are members will remain anonymous. Once the PERAMOGI structure has been finalized and its readiness has been verified, the level of readiness will be announced as “HIGH” for the transition period. When the most favorable situation for the beginning of the transition period grows, the degree of readiness – “FULL” will be announced.

Together with organized actions of employees of power departments, other state bodies and organizations, all available forces and means at the disposal of “PERAMOGA” will be used during the transition period. The transitional period will be declared only in case of full security of PERAMOGA participants and readiness of the whole structure for organized and peaceful restoration of the constitutional order.

Together with the beginning of the transition period we announce the most massive protest action in the history of Belarus. It will be not only the most massive, but also the final one in our movement towards a free Belarus! The mobilization plan “Peramoga” is in fact an underground people’s militia, the mass and organized nature of which, the accuracy of the fulfillment of tasks during the period of the Strategic Operation will force the regime to transfer the power to the Belarusan people by peaceful means!

Join the PERAMOGA plan, agitate your relatives, friends and acquaintances. We make a special appeal to military servicemen, law enforcement officers, and employees of government and administration bodies.

The implementation of the plan will help to immediately achieve important changes for the whole society, including the abolition of unconstitutional decrees and decrees, the abolition of the transportation tax, the tax on idleness, the reduction of the overall tax burden on the citizens of the country, primarily through the reduction of punitive bodies.

Explanatory note of the PERAMOGA Mobilization Plan

“PERAMOGA” is a community that unites people with different political views, different professions, different worldviews from all walks of life, but with the main goal – to return the power in Belarus to its people.

We repeat, the main principle of the “PERAMOGA” plan is anonymity. Therefore, we do not ask for any information that can declassify you. To participate in the plan, it is enough to register in the chat-bot and fill in a small questionnaire. For the questionnaire, we will need information about your place of employment, the locality of your permanent residence, your military specialty (if any). This information is necessary for us to effectively manage our forces and assets during the Strategic Operation. Also, with your consent, we may specify additional information about your job and position. In this way, your participation in the PERAMOGA plan will remain anonymous in any case.

Those who joined PERAMOGA and assisted in the restoration of the constitutional order in Belarus will be able to continue their service. PERAMOGA’s force groups of existing employees will become the organizational core of the new law enforcement agencies in the new Belarus.

Owners and proprietors who provided buildings, structures, vehicles and other property during the Strategic Operation will be reimbursed for their losses at the expense of the state, which is enshrined in the current legislation.

The structure of “PERAMOGI” during the preparation period consists of separate groups of people – from 1 to 3 people, who act independently and independently of each other. People in the same group must trust each other.

You can join PERAMOGI here.

Disseminate information about the preparation of the plan, share it on social networks. Everyone should know about the PERAMOGA plan.

Attention! Go to the chatbot only from official channels or websites!


“PERAMOGA is designed to be completely anonymous. Only members of your group will know about your participation in PERAMOGA. Join a group with people you trust as much as possible – the smaller the group, the safer. For the sake of your complete safety, do not, under any pretext, carry out any actions on the instructions or orders of your group members, as well as on your own – these instructions may be provocative or false.

You will be informed in advance of the start of the SO: you will be informed by e-mail. To participate in the PERAMOGA plan and to receive a mobilization order, you need to complete a survey in the chatbot at this link. When you enter the highest level of readiness “FULL”, you will receive a detailed mobilization order with your task and time intervals of activities.

Information about the beginning of the SO will be duplicated on our and many other resources beyond the control of the authorities, as well as information will be disseminated by any other means. IMPORTANT – do NOT show your participation in the plan “PERAMOGA” before the beginning of the Strategic Operation “PERAMOGA” and before receiving the instruction for action.

Concept of Strategic Operation PERAMOGA

Taking measures to restore the constitutional order and reduce the threat to military security and territorial integrity of the Republic of Belarus.

The SO will be conducted in 2 stages:

  1. At the first stage, the main efforts will be focused on solving two main tasks:

Carrying out mobilization activities to bring forces and means to the degree of combat readiness “FULL”, together with advancing and occupying areas of concentration.

Involvement of forces and means in the fulfillment of assigned tasks in accordance with the SO plan.

  1. During the second phase, efforts will be focused on the following tasks:

Suppression of provocations and attempts to assist the illegitimate authorities by the forces of illegal armed formations (hereinafter referred to as “HR”) of neighboring states.

Preventing the unleashing of internal conflict by destructive forces of neighboring states inside the country.

Preventing the HR from seizing border areas and preventing the penetration of destructive forces across the State border.

PERAMOGA Strategic Operation Plan

The development of the SO plan is conducted with secrecy and is at an active stage. The SO plan is constantly being adjusted due to the growth of the forces and means involved. Join and encourage your friends, relatives, acquaintances (especially military personnel and those working in state bodies and organizations) to join the “PERAMOGA” plan. The more of us there are, the faster and safer the PERAMOGA SO will be implemented.

Decision on Strategic Operation PERAMOGA

The decision on the beginning of SO will be taken in connection with the growth of the most favorable situation for the soonest peaceful and organized change of power. The factors of the most favorable situation are:

  1. Sufficient number of forces and means included in the “PERAMOGA” plan to carry out all the SO activities and peaceful restoration of the constitutional order;
  2. Deterioration of the economic situation in the country, reduction of incomes by the population, new borrowings by the regime, devaluation of the national currency;
  3. Adoption of new legislative acts worsening the socio-economic situation of citizens or restricting their constitutional rights.
  4. Mass violation of citizens’ rights and freedoms. Persecution of the participants of the PERAMOGA plan. (Reminder – join the PERAMOGA plan with a group of people you trust; or join on your own without notifying ANYONE.)
  5. Self-neglecting or absenteeism from your leadership responsibilities.

Management Organization of Strategic Operation PERAMOGA

The control body of “PERAMOGA” forces and means is the Situation and Analytical Center. The primary structural units of PERAMOGA are groups of 1 to 3 people. The structural units are mobilized into force and civilian groups by territoriality in predetermined areas of concentration at the appointed time.

A limited number of persons are allowed access to information on the number and organizational and staff structure of the groups to be formed. Formed groups operate autonomously according to a predetermined plan. Management of the structural units is carried out centrally by sending mobilization orders to perform the assigned tasks within certain time limits.

All PERAMOGA structural units are disbanded after accomplishment of the assigned tasks.

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