Plan “Peramoga”: law enforcers extract confessions of involvement.


Plan “Peramoga”: law enforcers are forcing confessions.

План «Перамога». Обложка статьи - с фото Дмитрия Борейчука за решёткой

“Zerkalo” told the story of Dmytro Boreychuk, who was accused of participating in the Peramoga plan, although he was not a member of it. According to the man, he was far from the only person who found himself in such a situation: when signing the “confession” statement, he saw about 50 more of the same “confessed” in the document in front of him.

Dmitriy and all the others had to go through torture. And all this is just so that the security forces could intimidate Belarusians and discredit the work of BYPOL, although there is no question of any “leaks of the base” or anything else from our side. All these confessions were extracted through torture, pressure and threats.

This is just the work of law enforcers for publicity and an attempt to intimidate, crush and report to the boss for the sake of another award.

We are not planning to give up.