Plan Peramoga: participant safety


Report, how to unsubscribe, defeat the dictatorship

I, Aliaksandr Azarau am the head of BYPOL. First and foremost of what I think is important to say. The main priority for us is the safety of PERAMOGA plan participants!

The crisis that occurred in our organization two months ago, changes in its composition, did not affect the security of the data of plan participants. Personal data of all plan participants are reliably protected and information leakage is impossible.

The events of recent weeks have confirmed this fact. At the moment we have taken measures that have raised the protection of PERAMOGA plan information to an even higher and more secure level. They concern the protocol of communication with participants. For the sake of your personal safety, we urge you to use only accurate links from our channel. Second, we do not want to play politics, we are people of practice – our business is to implement the PERAMOGA plan to overthrow the dictatorship in the Republic of Belarus and free our country from the actual takeover of the Russian Federation. It is up to you – the people of Belarus – to choose what our Motherland will be after the victory.

We regret that the split that occurred within BYPOL has brought joy to our enemies. The good news is that now the position of BYPOL members on the tasks of the organization is united and we continue to do our work with full dedication.

Part of what we’ve already done:

Enrolled 200,000 enrollees in the Peramoga chatbot. Processed more than half of the enrollees’ applications and did preparatory work with ten thousand of them. Based on this, a realistic action plan was drawn up. Successfully conducted public actions aimed at helping the people of Ukraine. Including a special operation to damage the Russian a-50 airplane, which saved hundreds of lives of Ukrainian citizens and showed the world community on whose side the people of Belarus are. We successfully implemented a number of non-public special operations in Belarus.

Within the framework of the plan organized reliable communication and coordination of forces during the implementation of the plan. Appointed squad leaders and determined the areas of concentration of forces. We organized interaction and exchange of information on the situation in Belarus with friendly democratic states.

The secret nature of the work and concern for the safety of the participants does not allow us to tell in detail about other successful operations. The PERAMOGA plan is the only real way to overthrow the dictatorship – there is no other way.

Of course there are other necessary ways to resist the regime. Spreading the truth about what is happening, gathering information, supporting the victims and much more. Participation in the PERAMOGA plan has always been and remains voluntary! Those who decided to leave it and unsubscribe from the chat-bot can do it according to the instructions from cyber-guerrillas, but without an organized uprising inside the country Victory over the dictatorship is impossible.

No one will give freedom to Belarus, we must win it ourselves!