Prospects of the national liberation struggle in Belarus.


Белорусско-украинский брифинг. Фото участников за столом

BYPOL head Oleksandr Azarov took part in a closed Belarus-Ukraine briefing, which was organized by the Foreign Policy Council of “Ukrainska Prisma”.

During the briefing, Ukrainian experts and representatives of Belarusian democratic forces discussed approaches to achieving the goal of the national liberation struggle to overthrow the Lukashenko regime and liberate Belarus from Russian influence, the mobilization potential of Belarusian volunteer formations and ways to strengthen it, the prospects of uniting Belarusian democratic forces for the liberation struggle, and the possibilities of external assistance.

The briefing was also attended by representatives of the Kalinowski Regiment, the mission of Democratic Belarus in Kiev, the United Transitional Cabinet, and other Belarusian political and public associations.