Recommendations for safety during detentions.


Человек в наручниках

Telegram channel P-Telegram and cybersecurity published recommendations on safety during mass detentions. Following these safety recommendations can save you from being detained not only during law enforcement raids. On the channel you will find a lot of useful information that is worth knowing when you live in a ruthless dictatorship. And when every day carries the danger of falling into the clutches of the regime, it is necessary to arm yourself with the knowledge of safety

KGB officers visit relatives of political prisoners and former political prisoners. We give recommendations on safety.

Mostly they look at cell phones:
ALL social networks and messengers;
photo and video gallery, recently downloaded documents;
Youtube and Google drive.

What to do:

Temporarily log out of all social media and messenger accounts (including Youtube!) from which you receive news or correspond on political topics. Including contacts with human rights activistsю If you need to access them, use browser versions of social networks in “Incognito” mode.

In P-Telegram, we recommend that you set your account for political chats and channels to hide if you enter a false code-password and activate passwordless mode.

Delete photos, videos, documents that may become a reason for detention. Don’t forget to clean out your deleted folder!

Clean out your Google drive (following the link from RB with VPN!).

If you have one account in Telegram, and it is on a Belarusian number, then logging out of your account is not an option, as they may ask you to log in to your account. Then temporarily delete all chats and channels that may become a reason for your detention. Don’t forget to clean your Blacklist!

Read more about what and how to clean it in the article at the link. (from Belarus with VPN!)

Please spread the information from the post, so that as many people as possible know how to stay safe even in the conditions of repression!

Read more about safety on the website

Belarus lives!