Situation on the border between Belarus and Lithuania


Обложка статьи: Ситуация на границе Беларуси и Литвы. На фото граница Литвы и Беларуси

Recently, the general nervous situation related to the forthcoming exercises of the Russian and Belarusian troops near the borders of Lithuania and Poland has intensified.

According to our sources, the need to disseminate information about the concentration of Russian and Belarusian forces at the border firing ranges is caused by the Kremlin’s general concern about the strengthening of Poland’s military potential.

The Kremlin’s puppet Lukashenko, as always, is playing along. His threats to use nuclear weapons are also directed primarily at the Polish authorities. In this connection, joint exercises are held, units of the Belarusan army near the western borders are strengthened. The situation on the border between Belarus and Lithuania is a fear-mongering against the Polish government.

The Kremlin’s message to Poland is as follows: no matter how much you arm yourselves, we are still stronger! The rhetoric of dictator Lukashenko also balances from “we are not going to attack anyone” to “we should seriously prepare for war.

The country’s transition to martial law will not bring anything good to Belarusian citizens. State institutions, first of all in Hrodna and Brest voblasts, are trying to be transferred to martial law. March 4, 2024, Lukashenko signed a decree “On the transfer of state bodies and other organizations to wartime conditions. It includes absurd provisions and norms that make citizens completely powerless in relation to the regime.

So, what we’ve got:

  1. Lukashenko announces the inevitability of a new war on the western borders, disguising it by the fact that he personally is not going to attack anyone.
  2. A new law on martial law is introduced.
  3. Exercises with the participation of Russian troops on the border with Lithuania and Poland are planned.
  4. Intelligence services of France, the USA and Great Britain have registered increased activity of units of the RF and RB forces along the western border of the country.

Meanwhile, our sources insistently say that the Belarusian army is not capable of military action. The personnel is morally and physically unprepared.

It is unlikely to expect real events at the moment. Lukashenko is a master of bluffing, but he will avoid serious military action until the last moment. BYPOL is following the situation on the border between Belarus and Lithuania.

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