The audit helped find the counterfeit


Why do Belarusians need another law enforcers who “sometimes don’t care about laws”?

Watch the investigation about former BYPOL employees Zhigar and Kupreichik on YouTube.

Dear Belarusians, recently the special services of the Lukashenko and Putin regimes were inspired by an operation to discredit and destroy the organization. And the main thing is to take BYPOL out of the political struggle. The main arguments of the enemies were accusations of financial embezzlement and illegal dismissal of some employees. Now that we have successfully passed an audit that confirmed the absurdity of the accusations against BYPOL and Oleksandr Azarov personally, and based on an internal investigation and inventory of the organization’s assets, we provide you with the evidence and tell you: how everything happened.

In the course of routine work with personnel documents of the organization, the medical certificates provided by Zhigar and Kupreychik to conclude an employment contract turned out to be suspicious. They were placed in the employee’s personal file together with other documents, including those written by him. The similarity of the handwriting of the employees and the others caught the eye, and the suspicion arose that the data of the employees were inaccurate. An unspoken verification of the authenticity of these references was started, which revealed that the suspicions were more than justified. Why are these certificates fake? Let’s figure it out together.

We have already revealed many details and components of the special operation to destroy BYPOL, today we will tell you about where it all started.