The BYPOL team conducted an audit of the Peramoga plan


We are pleased to inform you that the new BYPOL team, with the participation of independent experts, Belarusian partisans, and partners, conducted an audit of the Peramog plan

Команда BYPOL. Азаров, Лупоносов, Ракитский

As a result, the plan was revised and adapted to the socio-political situation in Belarus and Ukraine.

Initially, the plan was focused on the mass appearance of Belarusians on the streets, which is absolutely unrealizable in the current realities. In this regard, the concept of the plan was quickly redesigned with the participation of specialists. Methods of its implementation were worked out, and the security of participants was strengthened.

The purpose of “Plan Peramog 2.0” is:

  • organization of the National Liberation Movement in Belarus;
  • removal of the dictatorial regime from power;
  • taking control of the administrative territory and establishing democratic power in the Republic of Belarus;
  • defense of the country’s Independence and sovereignty from occupation by the Russian Federation.

During the BYPOL team’s visit to Lithuania, the concept of the plan and its main provisions, which were not related to the secret part, were brought to S. Tihanovska’s advisers, including F. Vecherko.

At the moment, as part of the preparation of the Peramoga 2.0 plan, the BYPOL team is carrying out extensive work to create a guerrilla underground inside the country as part of the National Liberation Movement.

The main priority of the Peramog 2.0 plan is the security of Belarusians! The regime has repeatedly made attempts to discredit the Peramog plan by announcing its launch from fake bots and accounts. Spreading misleading information, trying to gain access to the secret part of the plan through various individuals. All those who are currently trying to discredit the Peramog Plan are working against our common goal and tens of thousands of Belarusians who have joined it.


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