The BYPOL team will participate in the election


The BYPOL team, headed by the association’s leader, Aliaksandr Azarau, will take part in the elections to the Coordinating Council.

Обложка статьи: Команда BYPOL примет участие в выборах. На фото Александр Азаров

BYPOL encourages all Belarusians to participate in the voting, which is scheduled for May 25-28. This will be the first direct election to the CC. In 2020, the Council was created as a neutral platform for negotiations with the regime, now it seeks to become a people’s parliament. It is recognized by the US and EU governments.

The CC plays an important role on the way to changing the dictatorial regime into a democratic Belarus. The new composition of the Coordinating Council will have the task of representing various democratic forces and civil society on one platform, where different interests can be harmonized.

The importance of the voting is emphasized by the regime’s repression of the CC members.

If the regime is afraid of this, then we are going in the right direction!

Aliaksandr Azarau announces his resignation from the United Transitional Cabinet due to his participation in the elections. BYPOL will continue with the Peramog plan and work with activists inside Belarus.

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