The SBU is blowing up Belarusians?


Exposing the KGB and ONT Fake

Chilling details of sabotage, which were not organized by the special services of Ukraine on the Belarusian Railroad, “recruiting and turning our compatriots into zombies”.

Today we will tell you about another cranberry of Lukashenko’s propaganda and special services, in the style of the famous dead rats in the water supply and 150 jeeps with machine guns.

Let’s analyze the next “propaganda masterpiece” in order not to miss any details of this cheap spy comedy.

So, at the very beginning of the plot hapless terrorists under the cover of night go to the black deed. Immediately draw your attention to the fact that in the course of the movie and the host and participants confuse information about who recruited the grief-stricken saboteurs. Then we hear that it is the tricks of the GUR (Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine), and then suddenly out of nowhere appears the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine, analog of the Belarusian KGB, if they were doing their job).

It is important to clarify that these are two completely different agencies, which cooperate with each other, but more often compete with each other. Like every intelligence and counterintelligence agency in the world.

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