Tribunal of Dictators


Обложка статьи: Трибунал над диктаторами. На фото Путин и Лукашенко

The Kremlin authorities are extremely concerned today about the incident in The Hague. There, the justice ministers and foreign ministers of 44 countries signed a declaration on the establishment of a special military tribunal to investigate Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine. The signatories were the G7 countries, all EU members, as well as many other states, such as Moldova, Georgia and Australia. The conference was attended, among others, by International Criminal Court prosecutor Karim Khan, Secretary General of the Council of Europe Marija Pejcinovic-Buric and representatives of the European Commission.

Work on the creation of the tribunal has been underway for about a year and a half. According to the plan, it will be a separate judicial body, unrelated to the International Criminal Court, which issued the arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin.

According to our sources in Moscow, Putin is highly irritated. Russian propagandists have already been given the clear signal to respond to this news by once again threatening everyone and everything with nuclear weapons. The unspoken command to sling mud at Western countries has also, of course, been given. Russia is preparing a “powerful” response.

And what does Lukashenko do?

Lukashenko, meanwhile, is silent. Lukashenko is afraid. There is talk in his entourage that he does not know how to react yet, and in his usual manner he is lurking. And he needs to see how Putin will react. He is watching to see how scared the Kremlin is of creating such a new construct in the global legal system. He himself finds it difficult to judge the consequences of this decision by the world’s leading countries. And he is also unhappy with his own recent statements about a possible war.

Today dictator Lukashenka gave a command to his KGB, namely Ivan Tertel and additionally Belarusian Ambassador to the Russian Federation Dmitry Krutoy to gather accurate information. They will report to him about all the little things they notice in Moscow, about the reaction to this event not only in the Kremlin, but also in the so-called all-powerful Russian elites.

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