Viktor Lukashenko wants UAE citizenship


Did Viktor Lukashenko find a way to become a UAE citizen?

Виктор Лукашенко В ОАЭ

February 3-7, the Interior Ministry of Belarus took part in the 5th international competition UAE SWAT Challenge 2024 in Dubai. The Belarusian delegation included two teams: the men’s team consisting of fighters of the Almaz SWAT team and the women’s team of the Ministry’s representatives.

It should be noted that Viktor Lukashenko personally supervises issues related to the cooperation of special units in Belarus. He tries to keep a low profile in such cases, but he is directly involved in them.

As you understand, the sheikhs can’t be surprised with money, so it is necessary to find a special approach to them. And such a loophole seems to have been found by the dictator’s family to hide in the Middle East.

The region of the Persian Gulf countries, UAE, Oman, etc., is critically important for the survival of Lukashenko’s family in the future. It is known that Viktor Lukashenko not only keeps his financial assets there, but also regularly cooperates with the law enforcement agencies of the sultanates and keeps his trusted special forces there.

These are small units of professional instructors, the selection of which was long ago undertaken by the dictator’s eldest son. They constantly raise the level of combat effectiveness of the special forces of Oman, UAE and Qatar (what we know for sure), conduct training and participate in some local operations under the flag of the Persian Gulf countries.

This topic is very interesting to the sultanates, and General Viktor Lukashenko is considered competent in these matters. This trump card, according to the assumption of the “family,” will give them all the opportunity to live safely in the UAE, have a house there and most importantly – citizenship.

From the point of view of Viktor Lukashenko, it is his work with special units that will help in this matter. And, as we see, he confidently goes to his goal, relying today on the full power of the Belarusian state. Viktor is not sure that the future in the country will be peaceful for him. The Emirates seem to him quite a possible option.

And the British special services, which control this region, may well give their permission for it.