Where did some of the donations to Plan Peramoga disappear to?


Who stole $191,000?

This investigation may shock you, and change the perceptions of many things you have believed for the past months….

In a new investigation we will tell how one of the former BYPOL employees, abusing his position in the organization, stole donations made by Belarusians to fight against the regime, Plan “Peramoga” and actions of Belarusan partisans.

What happened to the former employees of our organization and now Belpol? Those who after 2020 openly opposed Lukashenko’s criminal regime and were in our ranks for almost two years, but, as it turned out, committed crimes here in Poland, on the territory of the European Union. Why some former employees after their dismissal, instead of fighting against the regime, instead of fighting against Baypol and discrediting its head Aliaksandr Azarau, telling incredible stories in the style of propaganda “about the crucified boy. And why we had to appeal to the Polish police and file lawsuits in court. About all of this – in order.