Who Framed Belsat? Azarau and the Evil Trucker


Aliaksandr Azarau: “Belsat” was misled. Probably on purpose

Belsat released an investigation about the citizen of the Republic of Belarus Kuznetsov Maxim Viktorovich, born in 1981, in which, among other things, a false conclusion was made that I – Aliaksandr Azarau – had used my official position of the Representative for the Restoration of Law and Order to remove information about an agent of BYPOL in exchange for the removal of false information on myself.

The story rightly notes that BYPOL, along with cyber guerrillas, periodically face requests for removal from the blacklists of punishers, which they got into by mistake. Indeed, in particularly ambiguous and difficult cases, cyber guerrillas turn to us.

Cyber guerrillas also received a request for removal from Kuznetsov in the fall of ’22, at which time cyber guerrillas considered that the presence of several cover passports and work in a company of the Department of Operational and Investigative Activities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was sufficient grounds for refusal.

After that, Kuznetsov turned to us. However, we redirected him to the cyber guerrillas, as we did not work in this direction on direct requests from citizens, but only on requests from cyber guerrillas. In response, Kuznetsov started recording some offensive videos. However, we did not have and do not have time to follow all the emotional statements with threats and fakes against us.

Having carefully analyzed the investigation, we noticed how the truth is intertwined with lies provided, apparently, by an anonymous source, and, apparently, not accidentally. We offer you the full chronology of events related to BYPOL, Azarau and Maxim Kuznetsov (Evil Long-Distance Trucker).