Who wants to destroy BYPOL and the Peramoga Plan?


Special operation against BYPOL

Who and how tried to destroy Baypol and the Peramoga plan, to confuse and divide the democratic forces inside the country and among the diasporas.

Recently, you have heard quite a lot of slander, lies and all sorts of statements. After a long silence, we want to clarify the situation that emerged around BYPOL and the Peramoga Plan six months ago. So, in June 2023, there was an information operation to discredit the organization. The main targets were Plan Peramoga and BYPOL leader Aliaksandr Azarau.

First of all, it is important to know that BYPOL is not the media faces you are used to seeing on the screen. It is a serious organization, formed over the past three years, consisting of hundreds of our compatriots who are in Belarus and abroad. They continue to fight against Lukashenka’s regime to the victorious end, despite all the repression and violence on the part of the illegitimate authorities.

BYPOL are Belarusan partisans who, in February-March 2022, carried out dozens of actions on the railroad against Russian echelons, assisting Ukraine in the first weeks of the war when the Russian army was tearing toward Kiev. BYPOL are Belarusian partisans who, along with Ukrainians, disabled a Russian A-50 reconnaissance plane at Machulishchi airfield. We bow our heads before the participants of these actions, the heroes of Belarus.

Despite the intrigues of enemy special services, BYPOL was, is and will be! Glory to Belarusian partisans! All the details of the regime’s special operation against BYPOL and the Plan “Peramoga” – in the video.