Yuri Garavsky is the verdict of all


Garawski’s conviction is the first step to convicting all criminals!

The trial of former law enforcement officer Iury Garavski, who participated in the kidnapping and murder of opposition politicians in 1999 on Lukashenka’s orders, was held in Switzerland. Garavski committed a crime, but also did a lot to reveal the dirty gut of the dictatorship. This is the first time a member of the death squad has testified in court, but not the last. It’s a first swallow, you might say.

We know that we are watched by many law enforcers of Belarus who continue to serve the dictatorship. Many law enforcers are used to saying words about the inevitability of punishment, but they know that it doesn’t work in Belarus. Punishment depended on the decision from the top to let the case go on or to put it under the table.

Too many people got used to the law replacing loyalty and favor to their superiors. Habit or lack of imagination prevents you from realizing that the world is changing. You realize that all your well-being, work, apartments, freedom and life now depends on the health of two sick old men Lukashenko and Putin. That when they leave on their own or with the help of people’s anger, the system will inevitably change and the old patronage from above will not just stop working, but will become a black mark.

Garavsky was one of Lukashenko’s first criminals. Many of the current criminals are quite young people. You have committed a serious crime and the punishment for them is measured in decades. The world is changing and old post-Soviet dictatorships are going to the past and the grave one by one, but you still have decades of life ahead of you, which you firmly spoiled with your betrayal of the people of Belarus.

Think about the fact that Lukashenko’s laws are contrary to law and therefore null and void. Your excuses that you were just following orders will also be null and void.

The only chance to correct your future, as far as possible, and save yourself from decades in a cell, is active repentance and cooperation with the law enforcement agencies of New Belarus.

Think about cooperating with the investigation now, it may be too late later!