A union of Belarusian security officers

The goal of BYPOL is to restore democratic rule in Belarus with the national leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya taking charge and to hold new presidential and parliament elections based on
democratic principles

BYPOL – an initiative launched in October 2020

It currently unites hundreds of incumbent and former security officers looking to restore the rule of
law and order in Belarus.

Committee for State Security

Committee of Public Accounts

Armed Forces

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Investigation Committee

Forensic Investigation State Committee

Public Prosecution Office

Customs Committee

Executive Analytical Centre

State Border Committee

Presidential Security Service

Honest officers are at the core of BYPOL

At the moment, the process of setting up an organization, especially for those security officers located in Belarus, is under way, which lets us obtain up-to-date and confidential information fromthe inside. This is unprecedented in the 26 years of A.G. Lukashenko’s rule. This initiative wasenabled following the usurpation of power by Lukashenko A.G. and the introduction of total lawlessness in our country. Mass resignation of honest officers began, the most seasoned and professional of them forming the core of BYPOL. 

Our associates are located in Belarus as well as other countries (Poland,
Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, the USA, Sweden, Australia, Belgium, Germany,
Georgia, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Cyprus, Slovakia, Montenegro).

Public representatives

Alexandr Azarov

lieutenant colonel
Born in 1977 in Minsk

Vladimir Zhygar

police lieutenant
Born in 1989 in Narovlya

Matvey Kupreychik

senior lieutenant of militia
Born in 1994 in the village of Oktyabrsky, Smolevichi district

Stanislav Luponosov

lieutenant colonel of militia
Born in 1983 in Mozyr

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya initiates the inception of Situation Research centre under the auspices of BYPOL


Conducting an international investigation of the crimes perpetrated by Lukashenko's regime against the citizens of Belarus during the presidential campaign and in the wake of it

Maintaining a Single registry of crimes, the aim of which is to collect evidence about the regime's crimes and to identify the offenders to subsequently use this information in an international investigation, the sanction lists or for criminal prosecution in a new and free Belarus

Keep our own telegram channel (approx. 56,000 subscribers), YouTube channel, OK and Facebook pages to keep the public up-to- date on our position, the truth about the regime's perpetrations and to distribute any other agitation information.

Working with the law enforcement officials in Belarus encouraging them to join the People, thus weakening the law enforcement regime

Establishing an organization that would, in the future, become the core of the law enforcement system in Belarus

Developing the guidelines on the law enforcement system reforms in Belarus

Whenever possible, assisting the law enforcement officials, other security officers and civilians repressed by the regime


BYPOL functions as an independent organization and cooperates with other national and international human rights for the sake of attaining common goals

Belarusian People’s Tribunal

Rabochy Ruh (The Movement of Workers)


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Media contact:
Legal address:
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